news: sat 25th Feb. 2023

Tug of War TV 25-02-2023

During the World Outdoor Championships in Holten, Netherlands, September 2022, the Livestream team for the event was build up by volunteers of the Netherlands and they did a good job of streaming during the event. The main persons of the team were so enthusiastic about the Livestream and made plans for the future, covering more (or all) events for TWIF.

In the meantime they also developed a platform where the Livestream and other important news can be shared. The platform Tug of War TV will go live during the World Indoor Championships in Parkgate, March 2023. It will give Tug of War a media boost and also we are not longer dependent of commercial streaming companies. Also using our own channel, will give us our own music rights in stead of relying on Youtube that sometimes blocks the music.

I think it will be a next step forward in the goals of TWIF and Tug of War in general, to promote our sport as much, often and as good as we can.

Maaike Hornstra
TWIF Secretary General/Chairwoman PR Committee TWIF